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Sliding Rock--On #276 on the right side (west side of Highway) about 30 mi. from Maggie Valley.--$3. fee per vehicle.

Looking Glass Falls--a few miles past Sliding Rock on the left. (east side of Highway.) Parking area is well marked.  Short walk to falls

Horsepasture Falls--Off US 64, past Rosman and Lake Toxaway, 3 miles south on Whitewater Road (#281S).  Follow road to Horsepasture River. Drift Falls is in the same vicinity.

Whitewater Falls--411 high, the highest falls in Eastern America. 9 miles south on Whitewater Road, 6 miles past Horsepasture Falls. $3 per vehicle fee, and 1/2 mi. walk to falls from paved parking area.

Bridal Veil Falls--on US 64--27.50 miles past Whitewater Falls.(North side of Highway)  Park free in the little gravel lot next to the falls for a better look.

Dry Falls--1 mile past Bridal Veil Falls, (south side of Highway) Paved walkway leads to falls from parking area.  Walk underneath the 75' falls.

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